Knickerbocker Hotel Results

November 18th 2011


Some of our best photos!










Wile we were doing our walk through several of us noted that a mobile mounted on the ceiling in the inner room of the front suite of the second floor seemed to move.  None of us were sure we seen it move but it is one of those things that your brain would tell you saw.   I put this information aside at first until I encountered the same feeling.    I was assigned to stay in that room that night but I thought that for control reasons I would set up my video and audio equipment and spend the night back in the owners attached apartment.  I set up the equipment long after all staff members had retired.  Oddly enough if you watch the video that was recorded in U V and not I R because of another theory that I was working on and had much  success with, you would still have the same feeling of movement but still not seem to see it.  It was not until I took the video and using fast frame video transfer increasing the frame time from 24 to 280 frames per second.   Careful analyses of the film by several photo experts concur that the dove in the picture is moving on its own and was not disturbing the other 3 mounted on the mobile and this seemed to be impossible.   Also take note that this high speed clip runs for 2min 51sec and the same film run at normal speed takes 1 hour and 19min.   There were no drafts in the room and the temperature was consistent.  

Here is the high speed video.


To view properly dim lights!

An IR photo of the room showing the Doves 

hanging on the mobile from the ceiling.


       E V P's


During the 2nd & 3rd floor walk through on 11/18/2011 @ 2316,  I was talking to a volunteer at the hotel.  She started to tell me a story of how badly her ears would hurt when they became stopped up.  We received a strange response from a resident Ghost that showed us that they were in fact listening to what we were saying.

  {They are all right now!}

E V P class-A entire clip

E V P enhanced

The second floor double room had some strange goings on.  Wile there was video anomaly recorded from the inner room, there was many audio anomalies recorded in the main bedroom of this sweet.   Sounds of foot steeps from the locked room.  There were also sounds of dresser draws opening and closing you even get to hear the sounds of the door being unlocked and the door opening and closing.  sounds of items being moved on the dresser.  Oddly enough this all happened during the bewitching hour from 3 to 4 AM.


E V P class-A  clip #1

{Walking to the dresser and opening it}

  E V P class-A  clip #2

{Moving things about on the dresser}

  E V P class-A  clip #3

{Sounds of the door lock unbolting and then the door opening then slamming shut}

  E V P class-A  clip #4

 Wile general conversation was going on and spectators were walking in and out of the rooms and no child was near this recording or misbehaving we captured an interesting EOC of two spirits conversing.

{First Voice, "Get up!"}

{Second Voice, "Now!"}

E O C class-B All

E O C class-B

Two  people were talking together about another female.  After they both made there comments what the female was doing an entity decided to put in a few words  for the conversation.

{She mite fall!"}

E O C class-B All

E O C class-B


Our prize E O C

On Sunday afternoon we obtained the EOC that we were looking for the entire weekend.  The purpose of the extensive video surveillance that weekend was to find out if a ghost or spirit would come into the building with someone and that we could observe this entity by way of our surveillance equipment.  We received an EOC that revealed just that.

The Owner of the Hotel was talking to one of the regular volunteers about the events of the weekend and how it has unfolded.  The volunteer is working her station at the top of the stairs leading to the second floor.  She starts to explain to the owner of the Hotel how her day started.  She tells him that she got up and went to church and sang some wonderful hymns that she liked. 

NOTE: "It had become evident that the entity had gone to the church with the women and followed her to the hotel by responding to a statement about her singing!"

{You were load too!...........Ya!}


EOC class-A entire clip

E OC class-A



An E V P recorded on one machine and played back on another may not always give you the same results.  Some speakers are better then others as the codecs on some computers sound cards reproduce with a higher quality then others.  All clips recorded on this page were processed through a    A V S model 6.1 (PRO) AUDIO EDITOR and a THUNDERING E. C. S.  DOLBY 6.1 sound card




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