St. Nicholas Central Breakers

Ghost Excavation Results

Schuylkill, Pa.



A wonderful Excavation just in time!


Our Excavation came just prior to the scheduled demolition


The workers just left the famous plant as if they were coming back the next day!



E V P's


James McCann and I were taking pictures using full spectrum camera's on the 5th floor and recording audio to see if anyone was around to chat.  We were discussing the equipment and the condition it was left and the fact that it had not run in a wile.  John Sabol and others had just left the area using a scenario to stir up activity.  James and I continued talking, I had just finished a statement when we both heard a sound.  After careful analysis of the sound we determined it was made by a pressurized hydraulic pump.  We further tested it by repeating the sound to evaluate it in a natural circumstance.

E O C - "Pump sound" 

E O C - REPEATED "Pump sound"


I had a rare opportunity to sit in the very dressing room where many breaker workers dressed, ate there lunch and spent time with friends and coworkers.  Mary Becker and I both have a gift of knowing when others are around us.  This often helps us in our research.  I decided to sit amongst the boots and do a session.  I started by stating that I once worked in a steel mill just as dirty and wore the very same style boots.  I asked two questions and did receive answers to both.  

E O C - Q & A class-C normal

E O C Q - & A class-B enhanced

E O C Answer #1 "YES, It is" class-B enhanced

E O C Answer #2 "Yes it's nasty" class-B enhanced


Yes it is time to say GOOD BYE before we also will be marked





An E V P recorded on one machine and played back on another may not always give you the same results.  Some speakers are better then others as the CODECS on some computers sound cards reproduce with a higher quality then others.  All clips recorded on this page were processed through a    A V S model 7.2   (PRO) AUDIO EDITOR and a THUNDERING E. C. S.  DOLBY 5.1 sound card


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updated - 12/23/13


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